Client Stories

At Talos our goal is to put the user experience at the heart of projects to drive successful adoption of initiatives to give real business impact.
We have worked with our customers in Government agencies and Commercial businesses across Australia to deliver these results.
Below is a selection of some of our client stories – how they worked with us, what benefits they realised and what problems were solved. They are broken down by the services we provide so you can focus on the stories of most relevance to you.

Our key services are:


Council Town Hall

Council PowerBI Governance

Customer Data Cleaning

Asset Compliance Assistant Robot

Talos PowerBI Showcase – RPA Use Case Finder

Customer Data Cleaning

Customer Data Migration Robot

Email Triage

Talos RPA Showcase – Council Email Triage

Customer Data Cleaning

Customer Data Cleaning Robot

Customer Onboard

Customer Onboarding Robot

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Robot

RPA Process Analyser

Talos PowerBI Showcase – RPA Process Analyser

Talos PowerBI Showcase – Retail Solution

Travel Data Platform Modernisation

Azure Data Platform Modernisation – Travel

D365 FinOps Demo Microsoft

D365 FinOps PowerBI

Museum Data Platform Modernisation

Inventory Management Dashboard – Komatsu

Government PowerBI Governance

Residential property developer

Property PowerBI Reporting

Government Analytics Architecture

Museum PowerBI Reporting

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