Our customer was a local council in Melbourne who had a very time-consuming Notice of Acquisition (NOA) property transfer process. Like all councils, this process was mandatory, standardised and frequent.

The solution had to process a property transfer based on a received NOA form, with specific data accurately extracted and checked, before being entered into their ERP system. With this in mind, this process was a good candidate for automation, as it was a very standard compliance process that could be easily automated and would give staff back valuable time to focus on more important tasks.


After consulting with the business, we designed an automated process whereby NOA forms could be retrieved, extracted, validated and entered into Technology One entirely independently. A sophisticated machine learning model was trained to accurately interpret NOA forms and produce usable data to cross-reference within the ERP. To maximise efficiency, the process was built entirely using Technology One API integrations, meaning we avoided issues related to system instability in Technology One. Using UiPath, we were able to quickly and reliably incorporate the above components into a single, seamless solution.


The solution aim was to replicate the existing NOA property transfer process outcomes via an efficient automation. Our solution achieved this via a sophisticated design including machine learning components and API integrations that mimicked existing process logic.

By automating this process, the business was able to automate their NOA property transfer process without disrupting existing business systems, or risking process integrity. Property transfers were processed in 3 minutes (down from 30 minutes manually) and without any human errors. This resulted in more efficient and accurate outputs, which was beneficial for compliance and risk purposes, but also freed up staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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