This customer for Invoice Processing Automation was a large metal manufacturer based in Queensland, with multiple branches which each had separate finance processes and staffing.

Invoice processing was a critical but time-consuming task that required significant staff time to ensure accurate invoices were entered into the ERP (Pronto). With each branch of the business required to process invoices, there was a significant amount of time that the business was losing to inefficiency in this manual process each year.


Working with the business we helped them define the process to a position where a UiPath robot could automatically read, validate, ‘3-way’ match, and enter invoices into the Pronto ERP. Using their IT teams in depth knowledge of the systems allowed the process to be redesigned so that more reliable machine to machine inputs could be used in parts of the process.

You can see the solution in action in this short video below:


We delivered an end-to-end invoice process automation that used machine learning to read and interpret invoices using UiPath’s Document Understanding AI technology. Then in the robot’s workflow it was able to validate and enter invoices into Pronto and DocFlow, their document management system. The unattended robot was easily configurable for all branches. This meant that the solution could be scaled out to cover all branches. This gave branches up to 2 days back per week to focus on more value-add tasks, confident that only validated invoices had been entered into the ERP.

Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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