Our customer was a large telecommunications company operating across Australia and New Zealand who needed a way to outsource the mundane task of gathering files and photos for over 1000 radio sites in Australia. This process was not productive and time consuming, but was essential for asset compliance and allowing regular site inspections.

Ensuring that their asset team were supplied with accurate and timely information was critical for the functioning of this business. The process of gathering that information was slow, and restricted to only certain individuals out of security concerns regarding the assets. Any process that would automate this would need to be quickly developed, reliable and flexible enough to work within their security requirements.


Collaborating with the business, we delivered an automated replica of the data gathering process, whereby an attended UiPath robot would work with a user to download photos, files and folders relating to each asset. The bot would wait attentively for the user to initially provide both a list of assets required and the multi-factor authentication token to access the asset system, before it assumed responsibility for the remainder of the data gathering process.


After understanding the process, we quickly went about developing an attended robot that could work seamlessly with a user to deliver the desired outcome. A user would only need to give the bot a list of assets and the MFA token to access the asset system, and the bot would do the rest. This essentially produced an augmented worker within the business – the combination of a humans’ judgement with a robots’ tireless efficiency. The bot would not save or access user credentials independently, meaning that the process was totally acceptable within the given security requirements.

By automating this process, the business was able to supply their assets team with the information they needed to conduct asset inspections reliably and on-time. The automation also gave staff back over 3 hours per week to focus on more valuable tasks. This return on time had the added benefit of improving overall work quality and staff satisfaction.

  • UiPath
  • Big-IP Edge VPN Client
  • Excel
Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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