Our customer was a large private health insurance provider based in NSW who needed to improve their month-end process efficiencies. Like most businesses, their month-end processes were very hectic and prone to delays, particularly around customer reporting.

Running these customer reports was crucial to the business, not only for internal management reasons, but also as part of their compliance policies with various external stakeholders. These reports had to be run immediately during month-end, and having staff run them was not only unreliable but also an inefficient use of their time.


Working closely with the business, we delivered an exact replica of the month-end customer report generation process, whereby a UiPath robot would open their management platform (HAMBS) and then proceed to generate the specific customer reports for each fund. This process was scheduled to run early in the morning, meaning that the reports were already generated and dispatched before staff had even logged in.


After carefully analysing the report generation process, we quickly developed a fully capable robot that could open the various instances of HAMBS, navigate the front-end screens, generate the relevant report, handle exceptions, and report on it’s progress to the business.

By automating this process, the business was able to achieve its goal of eliminating any manual intervention in the report generation process. The reports were generated on-time and without error, stakeholders were able to receive their copy of the reports without delay, and staff were able to attend to other urgent month-end matters. This was all achieved without having to incur any significant costs or disruption to existing business processes or systems.

Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

Our data platform specialists are equipped with the tools, methodologies, and experience that help to enhance and expand your platform in a structured approach. We work with data platforms from design to implementation across all key technical components such as Data Lakes, Databases, ETL processes, Cubes and Reporting.

We provide clear timelines and expectations for what can be delivered and when, and what interactions are needed between the business and the technical team.

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