Our client is a major utilities company operating in Australia. They had selected Power BI Premium as their corporate reporting platform as part of their drive to become more data driven. A major investment had been made in building out a corporate data platform. Power BI had been widely and enthusiastically adopted in some areas but significant gaps remained.


The Business Intelligence team were facing issues in getting broad and deep adoption for the reporting platform. This stemmed from 3 core issues. Firstly, technical management of the platform had been evolutionary, so configuration and management was very ad hoc and lacked consistency. Second, the business user base were creating their own operating models in pockets, leading to challenges such as workspaces proliferating and data flows consuming the capacity resources. Lastly, there was no agreed method for driving enablement, so adoption arose organically only within teams that had interest and capacity to do it themselves.


The customer approached Talos to deliver their Power BI Governance offering to get the guidance they needed to resolve these issues. Using tools from the Plan stage  of the PEBBLE Enterprise Power BI Methodology we worked collaboratively with the customer to find resolutions for these issues. Together we produced an extensive document containing guidelines on:

  • A clear operating model for users of the platform, covering subjects such as data sources, user access & security controls
  • Technical platform management and configuration that aligned with their objectives and the operating model
  • A roadmap for driving training and enablement across the organisation

The client now had an agreed rulebook on how to operate the Power BI solution. This uplifted the security of the solution as access and roles were clearly defined -  and enforced where required at a technical level. They had a model to use to drive adoption through both internal enablement activities and structured training. This was then translated by the client into a program of activities to use Power BI to drive the organisations ambition to use data more as part of its decision making processes.

Enterprise Power BI

Enterprise Power BI

Through the application of our Enterprise PowerBI strategy methodology and tools, we will design an approach for your organisation that will deliver value in alignment with your corporate strategy.

This process will also analyse your technology options and provide initial recommendations on appropriate capabilities and architectures.

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