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The Talos Enterprise Power BI Whitepaper

In our Enterprise Power BI Whitepaper we discuss how realising the benefits of an enterprise-wide self-service analytics capability remains a challenging activity for many businesses.

Advances in technology have significantly reduced the cost to build and deploy such solutions. However, the internal capability to realise the benefits is often an invisible constraining factor. We look at the challenges to resolves through four lenses:

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  • Who builds reports in your organisation – IT, analysts or end users?
  • Do you have an established delivery method and standards?
  • How do report builders find support to develop skills?


  • If there is a data quality issue, how does it get resolved?
  • Can you identify the person accountable for the quality of a data item?
  • Can end users explore and analyse issues with data?


  • How would you find a data asset in your organisation today?
  • Is there a standard approach to capturing data knowledge?
  • How would you find an SME for a given data asset?


  • Are your data assets being developed to support strategic or operational purposes?
  • Is there a roadmap for delivery of data assets?
  • Who champions the delivery of the content?
What a good Power BI implementation should bring:
  • Secure, well managed environment
  • Easy to use self service BI environment
  • Empowered users reducing IT dependency
Our Advantages

Our Power BI methodology and tools have been built up over many years of practical experience advising organisations on how to drive their strategic Data & AI efforts, from commercial companies establishing their first major initiatives to major Government Agencies trying to steer large processes in the right direction.

The strategy exercises are led by senior practitioners who have dedicated their careers to ensuring that organisations get the maximum value from their data. Due to our agility, we are not limited by historic technical constraints – we are aware of the disruption cloud capabilities are bringing to Data & AI and factor those changes into our advice and designs.

Enterprise Power BI

Enterprise Power BI

Through the application of our Enterprise PowerBI strategy methodology and tools, we will design an approach for your organisation that will deliver value in alignment with your corporate strategy.

This process will also analyse your technology options and provide initial recommendations on appropriate capabilities and architectures.

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