RPA technology is now so sophisticated that the only real challenge in implementing RPA in an organisation is just knowing which processes to automate. Despite every business having dozens of processes, it is ironically challenging to write down a single process end-to-end when asked. This is typically because a ‘process’ is the unseen element in a business. It’s the glue that ties people and systems together. Usually it is not written down or explicitly taught, or it’s long and complicated, or perhaps so short that it doesn’t even register in our minds as a process we do. Having worked with many different types of businesses at the start of their RPA journey, I am very familiar with this issue of knowing where to start. That’s why I have created the ‘RPA Use Case Finder’.

The RPA Use Case Finder is an interactive tool built with PowerBI that lists common examples of existing automation opportunities by industry. This free tool can be used by businesses who want to know what opportunities for automation currently exist in their business, but are unsure of what they are.

To use the RPA Use Case Finder, simply click the industry that your business operates in, and on the right-hand side, the index will return the most common RPA use cases relevant to that industry. These use-cases are examples of RPA automation that have been successfully implemented in that industry, and will most likely be an existing opportunity within your business.

The use cases may not always be exact replica’s of processes that are specific to your business, however they can provide a good starting point for thinking about what processes you have that would be good candidates for automation.


By using the RPA Use Case Finder you can uncover some existing RPA opportunities within your business, or perhaps discover some similar opportunities that would be good candidates.

The key with getting started with RPA is to spend time evaluating your options and coming up with the best candidates. Hopefully you can do so with the RPA Use Case Finder!

Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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