Our customer was responsible for processing water for general consumption. They were challenged by the fact that while each system that monitored an aspect of water quality output produced data and reporting, they did it in isolation. This made getting a picture of the performance of the whole operation hard. Overall trends and interactions between different measures were hard to identify. Talos used its experience combining data provided by multiple systems to address this issue.


Monitoring the quality of water being processed is done using a range of specialist tools. These tools provide their reporting in isolation and in their own formats. 

Talos developed a tool that takes data from these multiple systems providing measures of water quality. We brought the data together to reflect common attributes (such as processing plant, date & time) so that each plant could be viewed as a whole, with core metrics in a single solution. This enabled us to expose trends and outliers in an easy to digest visual solution.


The new monitoring tool developed by Talos delivers value by improving oversight of the water treatment process, which results in:

  • Reduced effort required to monitor the complex systems involved
  • Ability to easily spot outliers without having to visit multiple solutions
  • Making trends and interactions between metrics more visible
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Enterprise Power BI

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