Our client is an ASX listed property development group that specialises in commercial property management. They need up to date performance figures across their properties as their business is short-term and seasonal and reacting quickly to manage pricing and staffing levels are essential to ensuring profitability.

The client was using Power BI to produce this insight but the data load required manual handling and entry of disparate CSV data on a weekly basis, resulting in significant time inefficiencies, and increased risks of human error.


By leveraging our expertise with the Office365 platform Microsoft, we were able to develop a solution using Flow that automatically captured data sent by email from the source system so it could then be loaded into Power BI and transformed into an asset that delivered useful and effective analysis.

By fully automating the process, the client was able to reclaim 5 hours per week for higher value activities. By also restricting manual data entry, this significantly improved data quality resulting in more reliable insights for the business.


The solution was implemented using a suite of Office365 technologies:

Enterprise Power BI

Enterprise Power BI

Through the application of our Enterprise PowerBI strategy methodology and tools, we will design an approach for your organisation that will deliver value in alignment with your corporate strategy.

This process will also analyse your technology options and provide initial recommendations on appropriate capabilities and architectures.

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