Automation Initiation

Simple methodologies enabling self-sufficiency

Our data platform specialists are equipped with the tools, methodologies, and experience that help to enhance and expand your platform in a structured approach. We work with data platforms from design to implementation across all key technical components such as Data Lakes, Databases, ETL processes, Cubes and Reporting.

We provide clear timelines and expectations for what can be delivered and when, and what interactions are needed between the business and the technical team.

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Our Solutions

Challenges You Have: Ready to start automation but unsure how to approach it > Need to take initial pilots to production ready state > Unable to meet business demand with existing resources

Simple methodology to educate and demonstrate capability

Establish best practice and build initial robots

Create a Centre of Excellence to enable self sufficiency

  • Improved customer engagement as response times are reduced
  • Higher productivity as low value, uninteresting tasks are automated
  • Process and data error rates virtually eliminated
Our Advantages

Our methodology and tools have been built through practical experience advising organisations on how to drive their strategic Automation efforts, from commercial companies establishing their first initiatives to local government trying to drive efficiency.

The exercises are led by practitioners who have hands on experience helping organisations get started on their automation journey.

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Automation & Analytics Technologies for Business

Our Solutions

Automation Initiation
Automation Initiation
Your automation journey

Using our EPIC methodology guiding you to deliver outcomes quickly and cost effectively.

Enterprise PowerBI
Enterprise PowerBI
Self Service Analytics

Enable self service analytics to meet the needs of the whole organisation with our proven methodologies.

Compliance Info Expert

Specialising in all compliance related processes, she has been trained to quickly learn specific compliance processes.

Invoice Automation Bot

Specialising in all invoice-related processes, he has been trained to quickly learn specific invoice-related processes.

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