Our customer was a local council in Tasmania who were undergoing a transformation project to migrate data from their legacy TechnologyOne system into a modern services application. They were legally required to migrate this vast amount of data, some of which dated back over 20 years.

As their TechnologyOne implementation was old and well past the end of its service life, the council had few technical options to retrieve the data. The solution needed to be speedy to facilitate the looming deadlines of system decommissioning, but also reliable and manageable enough to allow staff to process items in batches and review the data for import later on.


After consulting with the business, we designed an automated process to systematically retrieve and file data from TechnologyOne, some of which was only available via the front-end. A Power Automate cloud flow automatically retrieved records from a Dataverse table, and then for each record, passed a specific request to TechnologyOne. The response was then formatted into a file, which was then saved in Sharepoint Online in a designated folder structure and tagged with metadata. By using the Power Platform, we were able to quickly build this process without incurring expensive licensing or infrastructure costs.


The original aim was to develop a method to automatically extract data quickly and reliably from a legacy version of TechnologyOne. Our solution achieved this via a sophisticated design including batch processing, HTTP requests and Dataverse table management. All of which was achieved using the Microsoft Power Platform.

By automating this process, the business was able to extract all required data from TechnologyOne without disrupting existing business systems, impacting project timelines or incurring expensive licensing costs. As this process was legally required, and there were no integrations compatible with their version of TechnologyOne, our solution was able to satisfy the specific requirements, and prevent the need for hiring additional staff just for this narrow purpose.

Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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