This Museum was using Power BI to produce reports from a replica of their main booking system to monitor general attendance and that for special events.

They were experiencing issues with the stability of their data loads and were unable to add additional information to the reports.

We were asked to provide them with immediate fixes to get their reports back up and running, and also to review the current BI process and provide technical and strategic recommendations to improve their ETL processes and reporting.


Using our expertise in SQL Server and Power BI, the issues were fixed in a short period of time. This included re-configuring the On-Premise Enterprise Gateway to schedule data refreshes and amending the existing SQL scripts and Power BI reports to include additional fields.

To achieve the longer term goal, we conducted a detailed investigation of the current state of the data architecture and the reports that used it. We delivered a document outlining the current state and Best practices.

There was an immediate benefit to the client as they were relying on the accuracy of the Power BI reports to analyse their daily bookings. The reports had not been refreshed for a few months and were missing key information that was critical to the business. Fixing the issue meant they could stop using their manual workarounds and saved considerable time.

The strategic document with recommendations will help the Museum to plan for future expansion of IT systems and Business Intelligence reporting.

Enterprise Power BI

Enterprise Power BI

Through the application of our Enterprise PowerBI strategy methodology and tools, we will design an approach for your organisation that will deliver value in alignment with your corporate strategy.

This process will also analyse your technology options and provide initial recommendations on appropriate capabilities and architectures.

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