Identifying which processes are suited to automation is often the most difficult part of the RPA journey. Getting a clear understanding of the viability and value of automation can be a long and confusing procedure that produces no clear guidance. At Talos, we have combined our experience and expertise to create a powerful RPA Process Analyser tool that effectively assesses the candidacy of process for RPA.

Our interactive analyser is a custom designed tool that allows users to simply input a few values that apply to a specific process, and determine whether that process is a good candidate for automation, as well as the calculated benefits of automating it. This simple yet powerful tool makes it easy to test out the candidacy of process for RPA before making any important investment decisions.


Before using the tool, have a single process in mind that you wish to test for RPA candidacy. This process could be anything from invoice processing to customer onboarding. When you have a process selected, you can then begin entering values into the tool below.

The RPA Process Analyser tool makes life easy by simplifying analysis to a single page of inputs. The inputs page contains 2 sections – the first relates to the quantitative values of your candidate process (such as how many times the process runs per month, the dollar cost of the process etc.) The second relates to the qualitative values of your canddiate process (such as how error prone it is, how good are the systems the process uses etc.)

Specific guidance for each qualitative and quantitative attribute can be found on the left-hand side of the tool. Be sure to read these before entering in values.

Once you have entered values for all attributes, select ‘Generate Report’ on the bottom left-hand side. This will take you to the Report Page.


After generating your report, you will be presented with an easy to understand report that analyses your process for suitability and benefits.

On the left hand side there is a section outlining the calculated benefits of automating your process per month and per year. These are the financial and time benefits your business can expect to receive if you automate the process. These numbers can be used as part of a business use-case and also for budgeting purposes.

On the right-hand side there is a quadrant chart showing how suitable your process is for automation. Identifying how suitable your process is for automation helps prioritise processes for automation and indicates whether there is any immediate value in automating your process.


The RPA Process Analyser tool is unique in that it makes process analysis clear and simple. By using this tool, you can:

  • Identify if a process if suitable for automation
  • Plan and prioritise your automation candidates
  • Calculate the expected benefits of automating your process
Automation Initiation

Automation Initiation

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