Published: 15 Oct 2019 | Author: James Honner

PowerBI Tooltips enhance your reports

A great way to take your Power BI Reports to the next level is by using PowerBI Tooltips. Report Page ToolTips (RPT). RPT’s allow you to enhance your reports by giving your end users more information without taking up any real estate, cluttering the report canvas.

In the example below, we have a donut chart showing Revenue FYTD by Region. One great way to enhance visual this is to add a RPT showing the Top 5 Stores for each Region as your end users hover over the donut chart.

Target visual for PowerBI Tooltips

In the example below we’ve hovered over the ‘North America’ Region and the RPT shows us the Top 5 Stores by Revenue FYTD for that Region.

Tooltips in Action

When we hover over the different Regions the RPT changes to show the Top 5 Stores for that Region.

PowerBI Tooltips Changing context

As well as the RPT, we have setup a drill through on this donut chart and can still perform this action by right clicking and selecting the drillthrough option as shown below.

Drilling through for more detail

In our second example, we demonstrate that RPTs can also be used on bar charts. This bar chart shows Revenue FYTD by Country and when you hover over a Country the RPT shows the Revenue FYTD by month for that Country. These also change as you hover over the different Countries.

PowerBI Tooltips on a different visual

NB: This report also has dynamic measures and visual titles which we will cover in upcoming blogs.

How to create PowerBI Tooltips

In only a few steps you can create PowerBI Tooltips (RPT’s) in your reports, so let’s go through those steps now.

  1. Add a page in your report and in the Visualizations tab, set the Page Information tooltip slider to On and give it a name. In this example we’ve named it TT – Country FYTD

Enabling PowerBI Tooltips

  1. Create a visual or visuals, below we have a line chart and 2 card visuals for our RPT, within the report canvas as normal and size the page appropriately. In the Visualizations tab you can set the page size to the default Tooltip or customise the size to get the best fit for your chosen RPT visual.

Defining PowerBI Tooltips size

  1. Once you’ve finished creating the tooltip visual, hide the page by right clicking on the page name.

Hiding the PowerBI Tooltips page

  1. On the report page, select the visual the RPT will appear on and go to the Tooltip settings in the Visualizations tab, set the Tooltip slider to On , the Type to Report page and select the tooltip visual you created, in our example it’s TT – Country FYTD

Linking the PowerBI Tooltips to a visual

And you’re done! It’s as simple as that.

In upcoming blogs we’ll go through some more advanced concepts, dynamic measures/attributes as well as dynamic visual titles so stay tuned for that.

If you’d like to take your Power BI Reports and Dashboards to the next level and need help, please contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation.


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