RPA 101 for Manufacturers

Many manufacturers are facing an array of challenges, with profit margins shrinking and costs rising. One significant cause of this is the ongoing disruptions in the labour market.

Clunky back end systems and repetetive manual work create frustration as they make it impossible to deliver services at the speed customers demand. Staff turnover causes irreplaceable loss of knowledge that compounds other problems. The other side of this is that customer expectations of quality and speed of service have grown rapidly but staffing to deal with spikes and troughs in demand is a challenge.

Automation is a lever to pull that addresses many of these issues. Poor job satisfaction can be alleviated by automating away parts of the job that cause frustration and boredom. Business knowledge is captured permanently and in a form that can be leveraged more easily. Scaling up and down with demand is simplified with automation. A robot can just as easily process a hundred requests as a thousand, and it can be scaled in matter of minutes with no hiring or training process.

To learn more about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and what it means for the manufacturing sector, download our white paper today.

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