About Talos

Our Purpose: Efficient Decision Making

Our purpose is to help our customers drive Efficient Decision Making. We do this through the use of Automation and Analytics technologies.

What is Efficient Decision Making? It is the ability for an organisation to make well informed decisions quickly. Whether this is a robot making a choice informed by a machine learning model, or a worker inferring trends from a report, the key is good quality data and the ability to act on it quickly and confidently.

Our Story

Our name is inspired by Greek Mythology.

Talos was the first robot recorded in history. He was a giant bronze automaton that protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders. His creator was Hephaestus, the Greek god of invention and technology.

We chose this name as it lines up with our automation goal of helping you build your first robot and create part of your organisations history.

Our company is a team of inspired professionals that like to help people work more effectively. We were formed as part of the FTS Group, trading as FTS Data & AI, but we decided to part ways in 2021 as our objectives had changed.

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