Typical Compliance Processes

Document Data Extraction, Validation & Entry

Data Cleansing & Migration

Custom & Ad-hoc Report Generation

Document Filing & Metadata Management

How CORRIE helps

Extracts & validates document data based on defined logic

Easily retrainable to adapt to changing regulatory requirements

Enter, edit or delete data in case & document management systems

Work in parallel with staff via hybrid automation, process hand-offs and alerting

Leveraging our experience with compliance automation, we have developed a specialist bot ‘CORRIE’ with the sole purpose of helping businesses work more efficiently.

CORRIE has been trained to handle anything related to compliance processing, ranging from the complex logic around processing rules to the variety of systems she may come across.

Deploying CORRIE is no different to hiring a member of staff – except she can learn much quicker, will never forget and can work 24/7.

Her main strength is in document data extraction – she has been trained to extract and validate data from all different types of documents, both digital and scanned, such as pdf, csv and jpg. Compared to her siblings ROBBIE & CASSIE, CORRIE is our best learner and is therefore strongly suited to the typical data validation requirements in compliance processing.

How CORRIE impacts service

Rapid retraining capabilities reduces risks of non-compliance

Staff are happier as low value, uninteresting tasks are automated

Process and data error rates virtually eliminated, greatly improving process & data quality

CORRIE's Advantages

Built on the UiPath platform, CORRIE has been taught using a combination of robotic processing automation best practices and real-world compliance automation lessons. She is constantly learning and evolving, staying at the forefront of modern automation capabilities and process logic.

Make compliance automation part of your business by making CORRIE part of your team. She can perform tasks independently or in collaboration with staff to maximise efficiency outcomes.

Customers that have already benefitted from CORRIE include:

CORRIE can learn on any system, but already has experience with:

  • Dynamics 365
  • Office 365
  • Objective Connect