RPA Kickstart

Begin your RPA journey with our RPA Kickstart, where we will help you select the right target process, build your first robot, help you understand how to successfully deploy it and understand the licencing process.

Are these challenges familiar?

Not sure how to select & redesign a process for the modern era?

Needing guidance on how to successfully build and deploy Robots?

Confused by the licensing model and not sure how much it will cost?

How we solve it with you

Pick a target process

Redesign for Robotic execution

Build a new process

Deploy to production

Our RPA Kickstart will:

  • Guide you on selecting a target process
  • Redesign the process for automation
  • Build, Test & Deploy the Robot
  • Inform you on licencing
  • Advise on ongoing Management and Monitoring

What you get

Faster, more efficient process

Higher quality data capture

Happier customers served more quickly

Employees having time to service instead of administer

Lets start the journey