PowerBI Healthcheck

Our PowerBI Healthcheck is a free 30 minute session to review how your deployment of PowerBI aligns with best practices.

The Talos PowerBI Healthcheck

What is the PowerBI Healthcheck? Here at Talos we know how to deploy PowerBI for maximum impact. You can read our Enterprise PowerBI Whitepaper where we discuss how to realise the benefits of an enterprise-wide self-service analytics capability. Our PEBBLE Enterprise PowerBI Methodology  spells out how we make it work.

In the PowerBI health check session we will review your implementation and advise on what components need work to help you realise your goals. We will look at:


  • What is your PowerBI Governance process?
  • Are you aligned with your data strategy?


  • How do you enable end users?
  • Where do developers learn?


  • Do you have a consistent look and feel?
  • Is output brand aligned?


  • Are you building assets for self service?
  • Is content easy to use?


  • Is there a method for capturing requirements?
  • Do business and IT work together effectively?


  • Is your organisation delivering in a mature process?
  • How dependent are you on key people?

PowerBI Healthcheck: What you take away

An audit report on the health of your PowerBI

A checklist of next steps and actions

A roadmap for ensuring PowerBI has the impact you seek

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Our Advantages

Our PowerBI Healthcheck is driven by methodology and tools that have been built up over many years of practical experience advising organisations on how to drive their PowerBI programs, from commercial companies establishing their first major initiatives to major Government Agencies trying to steer large processes in the right direction. See below for our examples.

The health check is led by senior practitioners who have dedicated their careers to ensuring that organisations get the maximum value from their data.

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