Our customer was an aged-care provider based in Victoria who required a way to move data between two disparate systems as part of the purchase order creation process. Due to technical limitations, an integration solution was not possible, however it was crucial that they kept their existing systems and maintained their existing purchase order process activities.

The solution had to be an exact match of the current process, and had to demonstrate cost-effectiveness against other potential solutions. With this in mind, it made sense to automate this process, as it not only ensured that the process was going to be preserved, but would also deliver value in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Working closely with the business, we developed an end-to-end replica of the purchase order creation process, whereby a bot would retrieve work order details from one system, then validate and enter that data into the purchase requisition system. This scheduled process was performed via an unattended bot, meaning that there was no longer any human cost associated with the process – a significant efficiency benefit for the business.


After carefully reviewing the process requirements, we quickly developed a process automation that could reliably navigate the existing systems, validate data based on logic, handle various exceptions, and report on it’s progress to the business.

By automating this process, the business was able to achieve its goal of introducing automation without disrupting existing business systems. Purchase orders were created accurately, work orders were completed on-time, the business did not over-expend in other technologies, and staff were freed up to focus on more valuable tasks.