Our customer was a large pharmaceutical company who required a rigorous process to meet regulatory requirements around documenting customer communications. As a pharmaceutical company, it was crucial that they demonstrate with regulators that they were operating in accordance with consumer laws & regulations, or else they faced significant penalty.

The process needed to be designed from scratch, and had to demonstrate compliance with a set of given requirements. It made sense to automate this process, as it not only ensured that the process was going to be compliant with the requirements, but also meant that staff would not be burdened with new work.


Working closely with the business, we co-designed an end-to-end document management process, whereby a bot would initiate, log and move all customer communications and forms into a secure and organised location. This process was scheduled to run each time a new customer was flagged by the business, and meant that all customer communications were standardised, tracked and organised in accordance with industry guidelines.


After carefully analysing the compliance requirements, we quickly developed a process that could be triggered upon request by the business to send out standard communications in sequence, log and file customer documents, handle exceptions, and report on it’s progress to the business.

By automating this process, the business was able to achieve its goal of introducing reliable compliance processing in the business. Customer forms and communications were handled in real-time, documents & data were stored appropriately and on-time, and staff were not impacted with the new compliance requirements. This was all achieved without having to incur any significant costs or disruption to existing business systems.