We worked with a department in the Government of Australia that was running on a Protected Network. They were keen to understand how to leverage modern BI capabilities but within the confines of the security restrictions, they had to adhere to.

The department had a significant Microsoft BI footprint in place that had opportunities to be utilised more extensively. They also wished to improve their understanding of the capabilities available in Microsoft’s Modern Business Intelligence platforms.


We worked with our client to understand how they could use and deploy Microsoft’s Modern Business Intelligence platforms to transform their ability to serve data to the public and enhance their internal capabilities. Our services delivered a strategy, roadmap, and architecture that described to the department how to effectively utilise existing resources and also leverage new technology platforms while balancing security concerns.

To demonstrate how these recommendations could be used in a practical sense, we also delivered two pilot projects. One used Power BI Report Server on-premise to show how the capabilities of Power BI can be used in a sensitive environment.  A second used Power BI to deliver externally an interactive representation of a data set already delivered to the public that used the full cloud platform in a manner that did not compromise security.


The solution was implemented using a mix of on-premise and cloud technologies: