Our customer was a large, aged-care provider based in Victoria who urgently needed to onboard over 1000 customers into their CRM to ensure uninterrupted continuity of aged care services. Sensitive customer data was only going to be available at the very last minute before the records had to be created in a legacy version of on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

On-boarding these customers was a strict requirement of compliance for the business, and the very short timeframe in which they had to be on-boarded meant that it was impossible to perform this task manually. Furthermore, the version of Dynamics that was in use was no longer supported by the vendor, so a typical integration project was not possible for migrating customer data into their custom CRM.


Working closely with the business, we delivered an exact replica of the data-entry process, whereby a UiPath robot would read customer data from a flat file and then proceed to methodically enter that data into the relevant sections of the Dynamics CRM front-end. This meant that the business would be able to on-board those customers without any disruption to their people, processes or systems.


Combining our expertise with RPA with our understanding of the on-boarding process, we rapidly developed a fully capable robot that could extract a large range of customer data fields, navigate the CRM front-end screens, enter the data where applicable, handle exceptions, and report on it’s progress to the business.

By automating this process, the business was able to achieve its compliance goal of onboarding over 1000 customers in a single weekend. For reference, this effort would have required over 8 weeks of staff time to achieve if performed manually, which was not feasible. By automating this process, the business could instead focus on providing seamless, quality services to their new customers, without having to incur any significant costs or disruption to existing business processes or systems.