UiPath Academy Live Australia

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UiPath Academy Live Australia

UiPath Academy Live Australia

Talos is proud to present, in partnership with FTS Data & AI and UiPath, UiPath Academy Live Australia: Build A Bot! This event is an accelerator course designed to help organisations jumpstart their robotic process automation (RPA) journey with some hands-on lab content and RPA demonstration examples. Having delivered this event a few times now, this blog post covers what the event is like and why you should register for the next one.

What is UiPath Academy Live Australia?

UiPath Academy Live is a free, half-day course designed to help non-technical users understand what RPA is and how it can benefit them. Through self-paced learning, attendees attempt a lab exercise that explores the capabilities of the UiPath platform and will successfully build a functioning robot. Attendees also get to discuss what RPA opportunities currently exist in their organisation and receive expert advice on how to begin their RPA journey.

The half-day event is broken up into segments covering an introduction to RPA and UiPath, the lab exercise and then an RPA opportunities discussion. This event is delivered virtually, meaning that attendees days are not interrupted by travel if they wish to return to work in the afternoon.

UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio

Who Should Attend?

The event is designed to be an introductory course for non-technical users. Therefore, anyone with an interest in RPA can attend, from analysts to developers, finance personnel to project managers.

Nice Robots

Nice Robots


When Is It?

Events are held throughout the year. Depending on demand, custom events can also be delivered for large organisations. Please contact us for event information.


Why Should I Attend?

RPA is changing the way businesses work. By letting robots focus on administrative type tasks, businesses are discovering the true value of their employees by allowing them to focus on strategic, creative and collaborative type work. This shift in work responsibilities has seen a marked increased in efficiency and productivity, all without incurring significant costs.

UiPath Academy Live is the ideal starter course for businesses looking to begin their RPA journey. Delivered by experts and backed by UiPath, attendees learn all they need to start successfully developing robots and see how RPA can be readily implemented in their organisation.


If you are interested in learning about UiPath Academy Live, please contact us for more information.

Build Your Own Bot

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UiPath Event Oct 3 Melbourne

Today’s RPA- driven business world is moving fast and evolving rapidly. It’s time for enterprises everywhere to figure out how to put RPA in the driver seat or be left playing catch-up with the status quo. At the UiPath Event Oct 3 Melbourne you can find out how it applies to you.

Build your own bot

You can join UiPath on 3rd October, 2019 in Melbourne for an UiPath Academy Live session where you can explore, learn and accelerate the work of the future – towards an automation first era. This event is perfect for non-technical managers, CoE leaders and executives. This comprehensive session aims to help those of you looking to better understand UiPath’s impressive capabilities and inspire you to be the catalyst for the transformation of your business with automation.
Academy Live is an experience that provides non-technical users with a fundamental understanding of how to model automations visually using UiPath Studio, without scripting, without code. Step-by-step instructions for the RPA processes, and optional challenges that extend each lesson will give you a chance to closely watch automation in action.
This hands on interactive session, gives you the opportunity to get your queries answered directly by UiPath’s RPA experts. Not just that, we also get hands-on, helping you build your very own bot to see how automation works for you with the aid of UiPath instructors.
Contact us via the form below to find out how to attend – or check out our RPA Kickstart if you are ready to being your journey.