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Our access to various Government Panels and memberships of Industry Bodies makes us easy to engage with.

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Talos is on buy.nsw providing services under two schemes:

SCM0005: Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services

1. Government and Business Strategy
1e. Business Intelligence

2. Business Processes
2a. Business Process Mapping / Re-engineering

14. Specialised Services
14d. Training and Development

SCM0020: Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services

A – Architecture and Design
A01. Enterprise & Business Architecture
A02. Information Architecture
A03. Solution Architecture

B – Benchmarking
B01. Benchmarking

E – Strategy
E01. ICT Strategy
E03. Efficiency & Optimisation

L – Learning Services
L01. Learning Services

M – Systems & Solutions
M01. Business Analysis
M02. Custom Application Development including delivery “as a service”
M04. Other software services including delivery “as a service”
M05. Information Management Services including delivery “as a service”
M07. Software Support & Maintenance Services including delivery “as a
M09. Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services

N – Software Licences
N02. Software Applications

Q – ERP and related corporate & shared services
Q01. Professional Services

R – ICT Cloud Services
R01. Cloud Applications
R03. Cloud support

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