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Power BI Dynamic Visual Titles

By January 16, 2020January 22nd, 2020Data Visualisation

Power BI Dynamic Measures & Dimensions  – Part 2 Dynamic Visual Titles

In Part 1 we saw how we can take our Power BI Reports to the next level by making them fully interactive, incorporating dynamic measures & dimensions. In part 2 we will tie it all together with Power BI Dynamic Visual Titles. In combination with Part 1’s Dynamic Measures & Dimensions, this concept greatly enhances the end user experience as they can monitor/analyse multiple measures and dimensions in a single report page at the click of a button.

Using the same financial dataset from Part 1, we will create 2 types of dynamic visual titles. One using a combination of the Selected Measure and Selected Time data attributes we created in Part 1 with some free text and the second will be a combination Selected Measure, Selected Time, free text and the selected filter from another visual.

In the Donut chart visual below, we have selected the ‘Revenue’ measure (using Selected Measure) and the ‘MTD’ period (using Selected Time) from our Chiclet Slicers and we can see these are reflected in our Donut charts title.

When we change our selection using the Chiclet Slicer, the Donut charts title updates to reflect our new selections as seen below.

How to

This is achieved by creating measures for each of your visual titles, and again utilising the SELECTEDVALUE DAX function we used in Part 1.

Let’s start by creating the measure, called ‘Title-Donut-Region’, that we’ll use for the Donut chart title by using the syntax below which joins (concatenates) the Selected Measure, Selected Time & the string “ by Region”.

With the measure created we then add it to the Donut Visual by going to the Format options within the Visualisations pane and click on fx as seen below.

The following window will pop-up and we select ‘Format by Field value’ and then select our ‘Title-Donut-Region’ measure, click OK.

We can also extend this concept further by adding fields used in other visuals to our visual title measures, in this example, the ‘Region’ field used in our Donut chart visual. Below we have a Clustered bar chart visual showing our Selected Measure, Selected Time data attributes by Country.

In the ‘Title-Bar-Country’ measure as seen below, we have added the Region field (called ‘Group’ in our Data Model)


Now when we select a Region from our Donut chart visual, the Clustered bar chart visual by Country updates to show the Countries in that Region and our Clustered bar chart title also updates as seen below.

Power BI Dynamic Visual

As you can see, Power BI Dynamic Visual Titles ties in together nicely with the Dynamic Measures & Dimensions and can greatly enhance the end users experience.


If you’d like to take your Power BI Reports and Dashboards to the next level and need help, please contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation.

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